One of the best reasons to use a payday loan service is the immediate processing of an application. Unlike traditional banking institutions, these lending agencies can process an application as soon as it is submitted and have the money available for the customer to walk out with. This quick process is what makes these lending agencies so popular for people to use. This advantage is coupled with the ability to use the money for whatever purposes a person wants. It can be used for emergency repairs, rent or groceries.

The ability to obtain money in a quick manner also allows people to take advantage of money saving opportunities they might have missed out on. Often, people will browse through the sale supplements in their newspaper only to see amazing sale prices offered before their next payday. The ability to get cash at a cash store allows people to get in on money saving deals before they receive their next pay check. Imagine seeing a computer sale priced for one hundred dollars below the retail cost and being able to receive the money needed to buy the computer on sale. The no hassle, quick processing abilities of the payday loan stores can help people save money on their purchases.